Long Sleeve Playing Jumpers

18 MAR 2018 | BY TERRY

Back due to popular demand…secure your long sleeve playing jumper now before the cold weather hits.

These long sleeve Jets playing jerseys are official / match wearable jumpers for use on those cold Canberra days.

Note 1: You will own this jumper and can keep it for multiple seasons.

Note 2: Please consult with your coach in relation to choosing a jumper number.

Note 3: You must accept the risk that there ‘may’ be number double ups and you ‘may’ be asked to wear a different jumper number.

Note 4: Coaches and Managers are responsible for managing jumper numbers within their team.

Note 5: All orders must be submitted by 06 April 2018 – the order will then be placed with the supplier…turn around is expected to be approximately 6 weeks.

Note 6: If the suppliers minimum order quantity is not met a refund (minus PayPal fee) will be provided.

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