Junior Team Photos

17 AUG 2018 | BY TERRY

Following my e-mail the other day relating to Junior Team and Individual Photos, we have now successfully confirmed the arrangements for this year.

A huge thanks to those that provided contacts for photographers – especially Ellen Robinson who linked me up with MVP Photography (http://mvpphotography.com.au/team-photos/).

Team and Individual photos for both Youth Girls teams will be taken this Sunday 19 August at Amaroo Oval.

Team and Individual photos for all other teams will be taken on Sunday 26 August at the Gungahlin Club (in the Function Room) at the following times:

9:30 – Under 8 Black
9:45 – Under 8 Blue
10:00 – Under 8 White
10:15 – Under 8 Grey
10:30 – Under 9 Black
10:45 – Under 9 Blue
11:00 – Under 9 White
11:15 – Under 9 Grey
11:30 – Under 10 Blue
11:45 – Under 10 Black
12:00 – Under 10 White
12:15 – Under 11 Black
12:30 – Under 11 Blue
12:45 – Under 12 Black
13:00 – Under 12 Blue
13:15 – Under 13
13:30 – Under 14
13:45 – Under 15
14:00 – Under 17

We acknowledge that this is a Sunday and not a traditional footy day…however this is the best solution we can come up with given the short time frame.

We hope that teams and families will use this opportunity to meet before / after their scheduled time for a end of season team breakfast or lunch at the Gungahlin Club. The Gungahlin Club has been a fantastic supporter of our club in 2018.

I will provide coaches and team managers with a team order form that will need to be handed in to the photographer on the day. Please place your orders to your coach and / or manager before the 26th, coaches / managers will collect the cash from you on the day and hand it to the photographer.

Prices for hard copy printed photos are as follows:

Team Photo $15
Individual Photo $10
Team and Individual Photo $20

If you are unable to attend on this day you are welcome to provide a high-res photo of your player to me via e-mail – the head shot can then be potoshopped into the team photo.

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